The Miracle Season (2018)

Sports movie centred around tragedies is also going to be a touchy subject to approach and tell. Senior Caroline Found (Danika Yarosh) is full of life and the heart and soul of her high school volleyball team. After an accident, the community, her family, and friends have to pick up the pieces and continue on with life. I wasn’t sad when Caroline died, because the movie depicted her in an annoying way. There is acting and then overselling. I just didn’t like the character because of her over zealous way to draw attention to herself. You feel pity for her best friend Kelly Fliehler (Erin Moriarty) because she’s in a tough position of being a new leader, while dealing with her own grief. I was mixed through out the entire movie, while watching Helen Hunt really look out of place at every turn. She pushed the girls to get back to volleyball as a means to grieve and it just doesn’t work. Her cold delivery from start to finish really drives a divide then heals any wounds. The Miracle Season should be considered inspiring and encouraging, and although the movie tries to convey a great message, there were plenty things that didn’t click for it to stand out in a genre with far more emotional stories. 5/10

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