Blockers (2018)

I grew up a wrestling fan, that fact I can not deny. When Dwayne The Rock Johnson made the jump from the ring to the big screen, he burst through the gate for future wrestlers to make a career in Hollywood. John Cena already has some solid performances on his resume, but he is destined to be the king of comedy. He kills it with his delivery, whether through action sequences or just facial impressions. His performance is the only thing I liked about Blockers. I wish they would have kept the original title, Cock Blockers, but beggars can’t be choosers. Nothing else screamed comedy of the year here. Leslie Mann did the same thing she does in every movie, and given how her story with her daughter is really the focal point here, she never steals the story. Ike Barinholtz is around to be the comic relief and like most of his other roles is just the goofy side kick and not as funny as most people make him out to be. Overall I just didn’t feel the connections between parents and kids, parents and other parents, and the stress everyone goes through to either have sex or stop sex from happening. Blockers may be 2018’s first big comedy release, which means it can only get better from here! 4/10

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