Indian Horse (2018)

Indian Horse is a very dark look into the life of Saul Indian Horse, someone who had amazing talent to make a career in professional hockey, only to let his demons get the best of him. Honestly, I can’t recall a movie where white people are so racist and abusive. Yes, I’ve seen Amistad, 12 Years a Slave, and all the other movies about slavery. Indian Horse may be a Canadian made movie, but these guys didn’t hold back on the violence. It will make you cringe and close your eyes because your stomach won’t be able to handle it. It takes a strong person to admit when they are wrong, and although abuse of indigenous people went on for hundreds of years, the Canadian government finally acknowledged their errors. Whether or not they ever fix these mistakes is a different story for a different debate. But while we are talking about debates, there is another hotly contested debate about the Catholic church and the way they deal with little boys. As the Indian Horse story unfolded, I found it eerily similar to the stories in Spotlight. There are two paths that people take when they have those experiences, one that leads to a normal life and the other down a dark road with no end in sight. Indian Horse aims to show us all the gruesome details of that dark road, while making you believe that family is important in over coming any and all your problems. Ultimately I was disappointed this wasn’t as much about hockey as the trailer made it out to be, and the subject matter is just really tough to sit through. 3/10

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