Rebecca (1940)

I got to be honest here, never thought I’d watch this movie, let alone enjoy it. The entire movie, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. When will the stuff hit the fan? Is Rebecca really dead? Are these people crazy? Will the new Ms. de Winter finally snap and leave or die? This slow movie burnt a hole in my soul like Alfred Hitchcock intended it to. So much mystery surrounds the lead characters no one will see the ending coming. It literally comes out of the left field and is seriously the last possible solution to the problem at hand. Rebecca won the Best Picture award back in 1941, and I only wonder what else came out that year that was either better or worse than this one. I didn’t hate this movie, but I also didn’t love it. It made me more curious than anything, and I couldn’t get over the slow pace sometimes. Mr. de Winter would act like a jerk and then be a hero at the end. You root for him, and then you don’t care about him. That’s the way Rebecca plays with your emotions in a story about heartbreak and love. 7/10

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