Well I have found myself at a loss of words. This amazing cast, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Chris Cooper, William Hurt, Jeffrey Wright, and Amanda Peet give great performances, but wow they just couldn’t get me interested in the movie. I was bored from start to finish because nothing ever happened. How this could be categorized as a spy movie is also a mystery to me. There no spying or under cover work. The biggest thing I took away from the story is the same thing I knew along and seen in other movies. Powerful white men sit behind ivory desks in the United States and make decisions that are not really theirs to make and could care less about the repercussions in foreign countries. Collateral damage is an after thought and you see that play out for a handful of characters. In the oil game, which is all about greed, money, and control, you are either with or against the big corporations and political leaders of the free country. Sad to say whoever is on the other team, well thanks for playing. There is a dark side to the whole industry that Syriana only manages to scratch the surface of. Like I said, I really don’t know what to say since this movie is more real than fake, but not interesting enough for me to watch again or actually enjoy. 4/10 (review contributed for Genre Grandeur on movierob.wordpress.com