I understand Peter Pan is a classic Disney movie that help spawn a whole lot of live action movies over the last five decades. I never liked Hook (1991) or Peter Pan (2003) because I just don’t like the Peter Pan character himself. When Ana laid down the challenge to watch all the Disney animated movies, I cringed at this one. Whether or not I think the animation is amazing for the time period, or Tinkerbell would go on to be an iconic Disney character, I just didn’t like this movie. As a kid this story is super cool and really emphasis how important imagination is. As an adult with a bitter attitude towards the characters, I thought Peter Pan is pretty creepy actually. I would never want my kids abducted and taken away. Also what about the Lost Boys? Where is social services when you need them? Hook is a guy with a massive ego and an even bigger vendetta, but goes about it all wrong. I sound like an angry old man with my review, which isn’t my intention, it is just the way I feel about Peter Pan and everyone stuck in his imaginary fairy tale. 2/10