Breaking In (2018)

Breaking In is new, refreshing, and unique. Usually bad guys break into a house and hold everyone hostage. This movie had that, but the surprise element is there is someone outside who is willing to risk it all to get in and free the hostages. This rag-tag group of thugs led by Billy Burke have more drama amongst them then the girls from Mean Girls. There was really a whole lot more going on inside the house then there was outside. It took away from the story because instead of fighting off Gabrielle Union, they are arguing about each other and not really accomplishing their goal in under 90 minutes. Speaking of the 90 minutes, what security company on the planet has this kind of response time, especially for a rich guy. The entire movie is about 96 mins, and the events seem to drag on forever. Some stunts you see coming a mile away, while others may surprise you. Technology is a weapon that be used for and against bad guys. This house could probably survive a Purge night, but had a hard time fending off four bad guys and one determined mother. There are a handful of cliché horror/thriller movie moments that make you sigh at the dumb decisions these characters make. Although if you were to keep count at home, Ana pointed out that Union’s character only managed to kill half of the bad guys herself, so if you’ve seen the trailer and expect her to go Bad Boys on these guys, lower your expectations a little. 6/10

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