Aladdin (1992)

Disney had a handful of animated movies in the 1980s that were good but not great. All considered classics, The Little Mermaid may be the best of the bunch from that decade, until the 1990’s rolled around. Aladdin followed Beauty and the Beast from 1991 and gave Disney back to back iconic classics. Everyone knows about Aladdin because of the late great Robin Williams voicing the lovable Genie. The movie may be more remembered in the award circle for the record-breaking song A Whole New World, but most fans watch this for the overzealous craziness that is Genie. Even in the deserts, there is greed and corruption, and that is really the back bone to the story. The main story may be about a poor boy chasing the beautiful princess and winning her heart, but he comes to realize that if he is just himself he can win her over anyways. What he has to learn is that with his new-found power comes get responsibility. Whether he is smart enough to realize what is going on and save the day is the important lessons to take away. All the gold in the world can’t buy happiness, it just provides a false sense of security when real problems happen. 9/10

One thought on “Aladdin (1992)

  1. A great film of the Renaissance although as a Muslim in my adult years now, there are certain aspects of the film that I wish they had handled differently, but otherwise a great film. And the Genie is amazing!

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