The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Almost every Disney princess story takes advantage of the young, naive, and innocent girl. This time around we find the beautiful and talented Tiana, who has big dreams and goals that will give her happiness. Of course a jealous witch doctor plan to mess with her dreams and ability to win the heart of Prince Naveen who is looking for a bride. She cons the prince with some magic and turns him into a frog. He’ll try everything in his small power to get back to Tiana so she can break the spell. I was impressed with the story, animation, and the setting. There are not many movies set in old New Orleans, because that place does provide an interesting cultural back drop. People who have never been there can appreciate the efforts that make the story authentic. It also shows how sometimes a connection is so powerful that no obstacles will stand in the way. Love usually conquers all in these kind of movies, so for the happy ending we see that love overcomes the odds and dreams do come true. 7/10

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