Up (2009)

It’s been nine years since Up floated into theaters and into your hearts. Pixar produced one of its most memorable characters, Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner), and by far one of the saddest animated movies of all-time. Not only did Pixar follow-up the Oscar from Wall-e in 2008, they snagged back to back awards thanks to the brilliant animation of thousands of balloons and one epic adventure. Although most people will remember the saddest part of the story, you can not over look a grumpy old guy going on a once in a lifetime adventure, which will lead his down a road he never thought was possible. Filled with crazy characters including a boy scout with a heart of gold, and a pack of talking do..”squirrel”…gs. The only negative thing I got to say is the movie didn’t have a bad guy until the end and it really never needed a bad guy. We got anyways and this guy is pretty weak when it comes to causes destruction and mayhem. He is out to clear his name instead of destroying the world, which is new, but not new at the same time. Either way, Up would be just as fantastic, if not even better if this epic journey didn’t have a pit stop to fight a lunatic looking for a magical bird. Maybe the bad guy adds another layer of charm to Carl’s character, maybe it really doesn’t. Up has all the ingredients¬†to be a classic and remain a classic for decades to come. 8/10

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