Deadpool 2 (2018)

Millions of people around the world waited for Black Panther and then The Avengers to hit theatres and it would be safe to say that none of the hype for those even touched that of Deadpool. Even as the movie leaped onto the big screen yesterday, wild and crazy advertisements were still finding their way online causing gut busting laughs. That is what Deadpool is about, laughs and violence. You can get through the violence because it is so over the top, that it is amazing they were able to get their ideas down on paper while rolling on the floor laughing. Sadly that’s the only thing worth sticking around for. The “story” if we can even call it was so terrible. It’s more confusing and pointless, that you have plenty of time to rethink all of the pop culture references jokes. It’s a vicious cycle because it’s one right after another. I think there was 37.8 seconds of seriousness to the movie, and even then there was a wink in there to remind you that this is just a Marvel comedy movie and not a super hero movie. I loved all the Logan bashing and Marvel references, but as the movie wore on so did the jokes. Maybe I was tired, maybe I was just tired of the silliness. By the end I was tired of everything and tried my hardest to remember how much the original one was. There were a handful of moments where I couldn’t stop laughing, but the ending. Wow that was probably the best part of it all. So don’t bother sticking around, because is NO post credit scene. Instead Deadpool animates the first set of credits and then he takes the opportunity to clean up Marvel storylines. All you need to know is it is EPIC. 6/10

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