Life of the Party (2018)

Life of the Party provided me with another golden opportunity to really hate Melissa McCarthy. She’s just not funny. The only movie of her career that I actually enjoyed was Spy, so this new release didn’t help change my opinion of her. Divorced and out to better her life, she goes to college and parties with her daughter who is a senior. Don’t worry folks, this isn’t Back to School (starring Rodney Dangerfield), it is so much worse. The only remotely jaw dropping moment that came out of no where was the true identity of her young lover Jack (Luke Benward). It was an amazing twist that you would have never saw coming and put a nice bow on the whole awkward situation. There is no way I can let that one moment changed my overall opinion of the movie, which I would rank in the bottom of worse of the year category. This was painful to sit though and I kept sighing when her slapstick comedy didn’t get me to laugh or care. I know some of you will say that I was already bias when I went into the film, but I know some of you hate other actors/actresses and dread their movies as well. I bet if this movie, which was directed by McCarthy’s real husband Ben Falcone, had starred someone else, it could have been a huge success and much funnier. 1/10.

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