Brave (2012)

According to my IMDb profile, I went to see Brave in 2012 and gave it a rating of six. We decided to give it another go, and I got to admit the story stuck with me a little more than it did the first time. I get that some girls just want to be independent and have the opportunity to make their own decisions. I think what made me dislike Merida was her feisty attitude and lack of respect for tradition and her parents. When everything goes sideways, I noticed that she actually had a big heart and cared more about her mom than she would have ever let on before. The fun and games here were really funny. Whether it was her mischievous brothers or crazy bear relative, there is one laugh after another. The animation was just another stepping stone for Pixar who managed to give this Queen to be wavy red hair that bounced whether she was in the wind or standing still. The hair has a life of its own and is one of the iconic symbols of the movie and character. I’m glad Ana asked me to watch this again because the story or movie didn’t leave a lasting impression. I can say that lessons are learnt and that this family movie will be a hit with everyone young and old. There is an amazing message here about family and that the heart will always lead you to make the best decision. 8/10

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