The Ritual (2017)

The Ritual had potential to be great. Netflix tries to give us good quality programming, but sometimes less is better. If this story had just stuck to four lost souls (who are best friends) wandering around in the Swedish wilderness, this could have gone down so many paths and been epic. Instead we got a rather lame “creature” and a cult who provide it with sacrifices. Despite some horrible things happening to the guys, you can’t even tell me this is about our main character Luke (Rafe Spall) dealing with his inner demons. He by far brings the most drama to the situation, and it is more comical than serious as these guys bicker back and forth the entire movie. It is true these guys should have gone to Vegas because they’d all still be alive today. Don’t be upset I spoiled everything, you still don’t know who survived and who didn’t. I’m curious on how this movie could hold a 6.3/10 rating on IMDb when I think that is a little gracious. I was excited for a Blair Witch kind of story, when I got some weird twisted creature in the woods story that was unrealistic, it took a lot of creditability away. I’d say even if you are bored and binge watched all your favourite TV shows, skip The Ritual. 2/10

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