Shrek (2001)

Pixar released Toy Story in 1999, which would go on to anchor their rise to the top of the animation world. Dreamworks was probably busy at the same time getting ready to release Shrek to the world. This lovable Ogre was green and mean on the outside, but had a heart of gold on the inside. Capitalizing on Mike Myers’ incredible fame at the moment (thanks to Austin Powers), Dreamworks had found their guy. Eddie Murphy plays a talking Donkey that not only drives Shrek crazy, but probably everyone else who watches the film. Growing up a Murphy fan, I disliked his turn into more family friendly content, but love him as Donkey. No matter what else he has done or will do, this will always be one of his most memorable roles. The best parts of Shrek are the integration of classic fairy tales and how different characters from different worlds mesh together for some outrageous commentary and scenes. Personally, Gingy (Gingerbread Man) is my favorite character of the series because he’s just awesome. You’ll never think of those cookies or gum drops the same again. Shrek came out at a time when censorship wasn’t as important as it is today. The jokes and situational humor really worked for the time period. The animation was really ahead of its time which added to the success of the first instalment. Shrek is for both kids and adults, there really isn’t a fine line between the two, everything just comes together for a fun time. 7/10 

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