Toy Story (1995)

It’s been 23 years since we first head the phrase: “To Infinitely and Beyond”! Those famous words don’t belong to an astronaut or even a world leader inspiring to reach for the stars, those words belong to a Toy and man what a crazy Story they got for us. Tell me that after all this time, you don’t ponder what your toys and stuffed animals do when you lock the door behind you, I know I do. It is amazing to think that someone came up with this brilliant idea, and then they probably retired because Toy Story has raked in millions upon millions of dollars for Disney and Pixar. These loveable characters led by Sheriff Woody (Tom Hanks) are the anchor of what Pixar is today and why Disney bought them. Andy is one special kid because his toys are alive and there is never a dull moment in their room or out on the streets. Theres great chemistry between the characters including the paranoid T-Rex (Wallace Shawn) the sarcastic and hateful Mr. Potato Head (Don Rickles), the cute and charming Bo-Peep (Annie Potts), and Woody’s most reliable best friend, Slinky Dog (Jim Varney). It doesn’t matter if anyone is from a different toy brand or who came to the room first, friendship and loyalty to their owner is the only things that matter to these guys. Buzz and Woody have one epic adventure to settle their differences and form a friendship that could never be broken. (By now you have also come to realize the Pixar easter eggs planted throughout the movie, which became a staple in all the sequels and other movie releases). 9/10

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