Monsters Inc. (2001)

When I think of Monsters Inc. two things come to mind, John Goodman and Billy Crystal. These two guys ARE Sully and Mike. Both men are talented actors and both do an amazing job bringing these two monsters to life. It is amazing to think this movie did not win Best Animated Feature, because Shrek somehow stole that honour. This animated movie had just about everything you could ever ask for in a movie with all the highs and lows of drama and heart break. Randall (Steve Buscemi) is such a great bad guy because his attitude really meshes well with his ever changing skin tones. Monsters terrorize people of all ages and Pixar came up with a great story of why they do what they do and how scares can turn to laughs. They introduced us to Boo (Mary Gibbs) one of the most lovable characters ever. She may get trapped in a different world, but the journey to get her back is what makes this movie so funny. Two guys who can go down in history as the greatest monsters of all-time end up doing whatever they can to not be the worse monsters of all-time. 8/10

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