Finding Nemo (2003)

Finding Nemo took the world by storm and swam into so many people’s hearts. Before I go into more detail about all that, I will say I enjoyed Finding Dory much more. While on the subject of Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) she is by far one of the dumbest yet likable characters ever drawn. She is my least favourite part of the fish world, but understand why so many people love her. Nemo (Alexander Gould) is a curious fish that will go on the adventure of a lifetime. Seriously humans and animated characters everywhere would be jealous of the experiences this little guy goes on. I mean who would want to live with a paranoid dad, Marlin (Albert Brooks), who is afraid of his own shadow. Amazingly even in the fish world there are sterotypes, including the always hippy turtles of the East Australian Current. I could have gone without the whole shark detour part of the story, but when Nemo is stuck in the dentist fish bowl, those guys more than make up for any other short comings. I don’t think anyone would have ever imagined a sequel of sorts, but the beauty about Finding Nemo is it opened thousands of possibilites, all of which wouldn’t have happened if a curious fish had stayed in school. 8/10

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