Cars (2006)

Owen Wilson will probably be remembered for his role in Wedding Crashers, but to a whole generation he will always be Lightning McQueen. This race car is the crown jewel of his professional, with an ego big enough to fill the Indy 500. Thanks to an unusual chain of events, he finds himself in the middle of no where, in Radar Springs, where he finally finds a soul. Surrounded by a great cast of fun cars, McQueen will pay for his damages, and make friends with a legend who is hiding. Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) is the wise old man that some of us need to find to make sure we stay down the right life path. There are a lot of laughs, and amazingly not all of them come from Mater (Larry the Cable Guy). This tow truck is kinda like the Dory of the Finding Nemo movie, the loveable nonsense character who is there to provide laughs more than move the story along. People could be disappointed for a variety of reasons, but what I really love is how McQueen realized that he can achieve more with others than all by himself. It is amazing what he did for Radar Springs and that would be my favourite aspect of the whole story. Like any story with dozens of characters, there are plenty to love and plenty to hate. McQueen may not be Pixar’s greatest character, but it will be one of their biggest cash cows. 6/10

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