Superfly (2018)

Atlanta is a beautiful city, home of the Braves and the Hawks. Outside of sports, I’m sure there is a lot of wonderful things to do, but for some, it is the drug capital of the south. Superfly is a reminder that some people are raised in the dark and thrive there, or the darkness over comes them and they live a short life. Priest (Trevor Jackson) has it all and not a single authority has a clue who he is or how rich he really is. Probably the smartest drug dealer to ever work the trades, his life isn’t everything he wants and he has always dreamt of a way out. Sadly when his plan is set in motion, there is a lot of blood shed and some of his closet friends/lovers will all pay the ultimate price as this guy reaches for freedom. At the end of it all, I didn’t mind Superfly and seemed to have enjoyed it a lot more than Ana did. There are some really dumb characters who can’t help but move the story along. We have all seen it a million times before, when drugs are involved, the top dogs only look out for their best workers and always skip the idiots who can bring everything down. Dirty cops are in every department and Atlanta is no different. You may agree or disagree that justice gets served, or be happy with the outcome on a yacht. Superfly plays up the stereotypes perfectly and is what I liked, I guess, the most. This movie didn’t break the mold of a drug trafficking story, but focused in on the personal life of someone who above it all yet smack dab in the middle of it. I can why people would dislike Superfly (the remake) and then I can see why people would love it. 6/10

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