Hotel Artemis (2018)

It has been brought to my attention recently that my tone of movie reviews is negative and borderline angry. It has been suggested I watch too many movies and don’t see them the same anymore. Those thoughts creep in my mind when I see a movie like Hotel Artemis. Why on earth was this film created, produced, and released? There was no point to this story. I didn’t take anything away from it, except this was a futuristic version of the Hotel with Gold Currency from the John Wick movies. The hotel has been around for 22 years and all of sudden because The Founder gets injured, we get a glimpse into a really weird place to get fixed up. Ultimately a place for the wealthy to take a bullet and live to tell another day, Jodie Foster runs the whole place and she’ll take care of you. The rules of this place is similiar to those from the Fight Club world. High tech security plays a major factor in the film, even when it meant to prevent thugs from killing each other, it happens anyways. Dave Bautisa plays the Hotel’s bodyguard, but in case you miss it, he will remind you he’s a nurse. His scenes bring joy to a rather dull and depressing movie, which has Foster’s character hyperventilating 90% of the time. What is funny in all of this is Ana really enjoyed this movie and didn’t like Superfly. We were complete opposites here because I didn’t enjoy much about this film. Sure I throughly enjoyed watching Sofia Boutella kill a bunch of henchman in a hallway, but we have already seen this kind of action from her in Kingsman. If this is the future of Los Angeles, which the film says is about 10 years from now, I better save up my money so I can buy a membership. I’d hate to be Jenny Slate and just show up on the door step, hoping and praying that someone I know is running the place. 4/10

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