Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

There’s a famous saying in New England and it goes “The British are coming”, on the west coast they can run and scream “the dinosaurs are coming!” Yes the loveable and cuddly dinosaurs are on the main lands because a volcano threated this man-made home, so after a terrible catch and relocate program, these creatures were set free. Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) are tricked into rescuing their beloved friends, but get caught up a very violent game of catch and sell for huge profits. In a world where greed is all anyone cares about, the people who actually care for the dinosaurs are left for dead. The most exciting and intense parts are when the humans are on the run from lava and fire balls, to escaping the house of horrors. Ana pointed out what she loved was how scary they made this sequel to be, just like the first Jurassic Park. I pointed out that in 1993 no one had ever seen dinosaurs interact with humans on that level before, so of course it scared the crap out of everyone. Fast forward to the fifth movie of this iconic franchise and everything is pretty much the same. Biggest difference is, what fear factor may have been missing for a few films, is the blood that keeps the story alive. There thrills, laughs, and moments that could make you tear up. At the end of the day they probably under utilized Jeff Goldblum’s appearance, but with the way this story ends, I can only dream of the possibilities of the third film (scheduled for 2021) as new characters meet old characters. The writers turned up the action and gore in this one, so the next instalment has a lot to live up to. I’m no dinosaur expert and wouldn’t even be able to name seven of them, but that lack of knowledge makes watching these Jurassic Park movies even more enjoyable. Even if you think you know it all, they got people in the shadows cross breeding dinosaurs, creating new life out of nothing. Whether this is really possible or strictly an act of fiction, these dinosaurs doing nature things is what is entertaining and keeping the audiences coming back. Sad to say this movie will never compete with Avengers or even Black Panther for the title of blockbuster 2018, although the die-hard fans will throw their money at it and help pave a way for the next one. 8/10

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