Ocean’s Eight (2018)

It took me over seven times but I finally figured out how the whole shake down went in Ocean’s 11. What followed in with Ocean’s 12 and 13 never quite lived up to the original, despite the efforts of the cast and the price of the prize. To be completely honest I was skeptical heading into Ocean’s 8, because this rag-tag group of girls didn’t seem to have the same star power, let alone brilliance of pulling off the job. Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) leads a heist of $150 million necklace worn by Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) at the Met Gala. They said it was impossible, yet it seemed very easy and interesting to witness everything do down. Advancements in technology have come a long way in terms of security and tools available to pull off jobs. People tend to take hackers lightly, when these people know more about you and me than we even know about ourselves. There is always a price for their services, so a cut of $150 seems like a pretty fair deal for access into one of the world’s most sophisticated security systems. Most people would think Debbie and Lou (Cate Blanchett) are the straws that stir the drink, when in fact it is the lesser knows who carry the weight of the heist. I love the handful of cameos in the film, followed by a surprise appearance of in particular you would never seen coming, even if you read the script. The funny and best part of the whole story is story within the story. There are some battle scars that need healing and old scores to settle, which add a whole layer of tension to an already tense plot. Whether it comes together nicely is something you’d have to see for yourselves, but let me tell you, if you blink, you might miss the con inside of the con. Ocean’s 8 did more with less and that made this two-hour movie really entertaining, which blew away my expectations. The mold wasn’t broken here, yet the film did nothing to tarnish the reputation it was built on. Personally I would have chosen a different set of actresses to play certain parts, but maybe their quirky personalities is what made everything come together. Either way, Ocean’s 8 was enjoyable, even for someone who doesn’t know a thing about fashion, models, or Met Galas. 7/10

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