Hereditary (2018)

I have one favour to ask Hollywood…please stop making “scary” movies that lack creativity or any real scares. Also while I am asking for stuff, can someone please explain why all these horror movies resort back to demonic possession? Has the world regulated the slasher films and sub par horror movies to Netflix? Hereditary is definitely messed up to say the least, but was it really scary? Naw. Not even when Toni Collette’s character Annie is crawling around and doing crazy stunts did the hair on my arms stand up. If there was any emotion I felt for anyone in the story, it was the father Steve (Gabriel Byrne). This guy suffered the most by losing family members and for paying the ultimate sacrifice to his wife who should have committed more than anything else. Not to ruin anything for anyone, I seriously felt I was watching a different version of Paranormal Activity 3 where a coven forms to sacrifice someone or something. It was a rather lame ending that really suited the movie as a whole. There are a handful of gross scenes, that if you have a weak stomach may want to close your eyes. Demons try many ways to get into the real world (if Demons even exist), so Hereditary doesn’t pull out all the stops, it follows the path worn down by so many movies before it. One hand holding ceremony brings unwelcome things into the real world and chaos usually always ensues. This film was billed as terrifying, creepy, and a masterpiece for the times. Maybe you see that or maybe you’re in the same boat I am. I want Paranormal Activity 1 scary, I want Halloween type suspense, with a touch of Saw blood and guts. Those are the ingredients I would use to make a scary movie, not focus on one family’s struggles to hide their cult like family history, or sacrifice their only living kid to the demon gods. Sure Hereditary may keep some of you up at night, or making you terrified of people hanging from ceilings, but if you love horror movies, you may be disappointed with the events and ending of this film. 3/10

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