I Remember You / Ég man þig (2017)

As a subscriber of Cinema Scandinavia, I learnt of this epic horror movie called I Remember You. Even though it is in Icelandic, filmed in Iceland, I was determined to find this movie online and watch it. I wanted to be scared and not be able to sleep without the light on for days. Finally this movie made its way to Netflix in Canada. Sadly this movie disappointed me beyond belief. Sure some of you may think that I didn’t fully understand everything because of the subtitles, but I have amazingly I know a bunch of Icelandic words from the efforts I’ve made to learn Swedish. What killed me more than anything is this film lacked creativity and the thrills that come in normal horror movies. To be completely honest, the only reason I didn’t give this movie a one rating is because I feel bad for the dad, Freyr (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson). This guy searched everywhere for his kid who missing during a game of hide and seek, and was never found until the end. Meanwhile some ghost/demon/who knows what is killing random people on the other side of the island. You’d be surprised, but they are actually connected! How was a little beyond me, but I really almost cried for Freyr at the end. It was such a heart breaking moment, that finally brought closure to a criminal case and a missing person’s case. The film does however end with a passing of a torch kind of moment. So really there could be a sequel here (which I hope never happens) because some day someone will come across those left behind and start the cycle all over again. I can’t tell you anymore because it would ruin the ending. Just double-check any abandoned little houses you come across on remote parts of Iceland, you just never know what happened there or what is still there. My expectations for this film were through the roof, which may be why it disappointed in the end. If you are ever up to the challenge and want to see people struggle to find closure on some of the most remote spots in the world, give I Remember You a chance. If this won’t be your cup of tea, then just give it a pass and a thumbs down on Netflix. 3/10

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