The Incredibles (2004)

People all over the world waited for the much-anticipated Incredibles sequel, so after watching that movie we decided to watch the original one again. To be quite honest, I didn’t remember anything of the Incredibles, because I only watched it once, didn’t like, and never bothered to give it a second chance. Now having watched both, in reverse order, There are things I liked more in the second than in the first, but the story is more solid in the original. First off, since we have all been blessed with advancements in technology, you can clearly see that Pixar was still fine tuning their art with computer animation. Second, Jack Jack wasn’t given the same amount of screen time, which was important in his character development. He’s only just getting his powers and despite being really entertaining, we don’t get the same laughs here. I understand that Mr. Incredible has a hard time dealing with forced retirement and that the private sector really wasn’t his place. His eagerness is really his downfall, even though his intentions are straight from his heart. Of course like every other movie ever made, if you try to do the right thing, bad things usually happen, which in turn lead to all kinds of drama, and then a story gets told. He is really the ultimate guy. Whether it is the macho can do attitude, the sneaking around the family to do crazy stuff, or just being over dramatic when things don’t go his way. Mr. Incredible is both the villain and hero of his family and of this movie. Now Syndrome is a really good bad guy, probably one of the best Pixar has ever created. His back story is great. The raw hatred he has and the desire to be better than Mr. incredible is such a great foundation. This guy had purpose from the moment we met him all the way to the end. Whether you agree with his methods is a different story for a different debate, but his was near perfect.  Greed is the downfall for many villans and Syndrome is no exception. What was enjoyable for me the second time is now I understand ALL the references from the sequel, and the back story of who these superheroes really are. I can understand why people love these guys and why the sequel was a success built upon the solid foundation that is The Incredibles. 8/10

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