Upgrade (2018)

If you didn’t look at the rating yet for Upgrade, I’d advise you not to take any young kinds or teenagers with you. Rated 18A for gory violence, the action in this movie is really straight out of Blumhouse’s studio. Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) loses everything in this life and then gets the help of a computer chip to regain almost everything he has lost. There’s a very fine line between what the human mind can control and what the computer chip can control. The story is sad and depressing when Grey is in control, but when Stem (Simon Maiden) is in control, it is non-stop fun. Martial art fighting and gory violence are just a glimpse of what’s in store for you when Stem is in charge. The movie seems realistic and quite possible, yet at the same time it is very unrealistic and not where the human race is headed. Shot gun hands, computer eyes, and advanced human skills are a little far-fetched for even the most ambitious eyes. Humans may have advancements for those who have lost their limbs, but unless the world is full of dark secrets, I doubt anything in this movie is quite possible. The future is going to be a dark place, and all the people who are paranoid about the government going Big Brother today, watch out for later. Drones tracking your every move and computer controlled humans killing humans is not the kind of place I hope to be a part of, but you just never know what’s in store for us. 6/10

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