Bee Movie (2007)

A Bee Movie reminded that Dreamworks lacks everything that Pixar has when it comes to making movies about animals or anything in general. If they thought by slapping some major celebrities together (like Shrek) would bring down the house every time, they seem to have been wrong many times over. I know this will disappoint a lot of you, but I have never liked Jerry Seinfeld, never watched the Seinfeld show, so it won’t surprise you that I disliked Bee Movie because Jerry is the voice of Barry the bee. Bees are not supposed to talk, let alone live after stinging someone, yet in Bee Movie, not only will those two things happen, the bees will also sue the human race. This is a court room drama folks, filled with angry bees who do nothing but sit and wait out the verdict. Meanwhile Barry, who does all the Seinfeld trademarks like lame jokes, long pauses between punch lines, and yelling his dialogue, falls in love with a woman named Vanessa (Renée Zellweger). I honestly can’t think of a more mismatched couple in the history of movies than Jerry Seinfeld and Renée Zellweger. Somehow their connection worked because this movie currently holds a 6.1/10 rating on IMDb and is rotten at 51% on rottentomatoes. I could never give this film that much credit because none of it actually makes sense. Most animal/insect movies deal within their respective kingdoms, yet Bee Movie tried to take it a step further and make interaction between species acceptable. I’ve been watching some pretty bad animated movies lately (reviews to come) but I actually kept watching Bee Movie because my mind was numb to what was actually happening. It intrigued me to keep watching to see what would actually happen. Of course Barry saves the day (of sorts) and mostly everyone lives happily ever after. I’ve said it before, and I really mean it, when people get together to write these movies and then attract actors/actresses to come in to read, I would love to be there. I’d love to see how some people come up with these ideas and then get their movies produced. Now that’s a documentary that would be worth watching, not Bee Movie. 1/10



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