Skyscraper (2018)

Dwayne Johnson does nothing unless it is over the top, allows him to flex his muscles, and he has a chance to kill bad guy. In his latest heart pounding action thriller, Johnson will hang from a building with just duct tape, jump off a crane into a burning building with a peg leg, and make the people who take American Ninja Warrior seriously, look like amateurs. While this rugged family man dangles thousands of feet in the air, I had to close my eyes and almost broke Ana’s hand from holding it too tight. I’m terrified of heights and I probably burnt all the calories I ate in Movie food by stressing like I’ve never stressed before watching a movie. I didn’t sweat, but I can’t imagine how high my blood pressure was. I’m not stupid and neither are you, so we all know that he survives and saves the day. The journey to the top of the tower was really an epic tale of disbelief, as one man breaks every law ever created in regards to physics and fire. People are gonna hate this movie, it is inevitable. People hate Johnson for playing these larger than life characters and even I admitted, he made me feel like less than a man with his above and beyond duty to save his family. Like I said I can’t do heights, I would have fallen from that crane and my family would have died. Johnson can play these roles and get away with them because he is The Rock, the most electrifying actor in Hollywood. Some are considering Skyscraper to be today’s modern version of The Towering Inferno, but let’s take a deep breath in regards to comparing this movie about terrorism and the classic movie with Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. These are two totally different films, and special effects don’t have anything to do with it. You know exactly what you are getting here based on the crazy trailers. My advice is sit back, snack on food if you get nervous, then watch a larger than life superhero fight fire and bad guys with his bare hands and one leg. 9/10 (it’s not really this good, but it stressed me beyond words in a movie review)

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