Never did I think Over the Hedge was a movie that I should watch, let alone enjoy. Headlined by Bruce Willis, Over the Hedge was hilarious at the beginning and end which was more then enough to win me over. The middle may have been a little lazy and predictable, but it left me to wonder what was to come, only to have me laughing out loud with a slo-motion epic show down of humans and animals. There was plenty not to like about the film and plenty of things to enjoy. I feel that out of all the Dreamworks animated movies I’ve watched so far about animals, this is by far one of the best. I didn’t include Shrek or the Penguins of Madagascar, since we already know those are my favorites. Over the Hedge had a decent story, one that was more about friendship and family then say Bee Movie, Antz, or even Madagascar. The misadventures within the human community made this movie stand out. These animals had to be creative to solve their problems, while following a loner who was more rebel than anything else. The fact everyone came together to realize the grass is greener on the other side is what kept the comedy going. Now that I have watched this film, I’d be inclined to watch it again someday. 7/10