The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

In case you didn’t know this random fact; The Curse of the Were-Rabbit won the Oscar for Best Animated Picture in 2006. This clay animated feature film beat out Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and Howl’s Moving Castle. Slim competition, but I can see why this film was so chosen over the other two, and the hundreds of other films released that year. Wallace and Gromit are really one a kind, and their adventures are endless. Despite not having any vocal lines, Gromit is above and beyond my favourite character in this universe. He’s brilliant for a dog and always has the answers to get Wallace in a jam when he’s stuck. They say a dog is man’s best friend and Gromit goes above that saying, by not only being Wallace’s best friend, but business partner, traveling companion, and sidekick. Wallace needs that support because his heart is always in the right place, just his mind really can’t handle what his visions that he has. In this particular case, trying to win the girl, save the gardens, and catches rabbits, Wallace’s invention turns him into a rabbit and chaos ensues as Gromit is left to save the day yet again. There a bunch of laughs in this one, but also a few face palms to the face. It’s always fun to sit back and watch someone come up with brilliant ideas that you will fail. That’s the entertainment Wallace brings to the table every morning when he wakes up, which is what makes this pair really dynamic. I can barely remember what other movies came out in 2005 and quite frankly I didn’t care enough to do the research. If they say The Curse of the Were-Rabbit was the best at the time, so be it. I feel we could have gotten more out of these guys and their epic adventures. I enjoyed this movie but not enough to polish up awards for it. I’m sure some of you love it, I’m happy I’ve seen it a few times and can cross it off my list. 6/10

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