Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

Raise your hand if you saw Unfriended way back in 2014, because I did. The only cool part of that movie was watching the events unfold on several different computer screens at the same time. The plots of these two movies really fit today’s society, where humans spend more time interacting with screens than face to face. Only problem with all these screens and endless social media sites and search engines, is there are in fact some very dark places on the internet. I was hoping for a little bit more paranormal activity in this one, but this movie is all about humans abducting and killing innocent women, and then killing anyone who happens to know about this secret society. So next time you fire up Skype to talk to your best friend who lives down the street, make sure they haven’t “bought” a new computer recently, because game night will come to an end fairly quickly and so will your life. It was interesting to have character who was deaf and how communication through a screen can be a major problem. Their relationship/communication problems are so woven into the fabric of the problem, you can’t help but laugh out loud at how silly this whole situation was and turned out to be. I wasn’t the only one laughing in a theater with about 30 people in it on a Friday night. I’m pretty sure the other bombed too, so why we got this sequel is beyond my knowledge of how the movie industry really works. Even if you are a person who lives and breathes with their cell phone or laptop, you will probably find yourself more attached to your screen during the movie then the events that occur on the big screen. 1/10

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