Dog Days (2018)

I dreaded going into Dog Days like every other person, who wasn’t related to someone in the movie because it looked bad. It seemed like a movie that would pop up on Netflix and be something to watch when you had seen everything else. When the movie ended and I wiped away more tears than I thought I could shed for a movie about dogs, I said to Ana that this movie should have been called “A Dog’s Purpose”. We all remember A Dog’s Purpose from last year, how the soul of one dog lives through many generations of humans. That was a made up story, Dog Days was a closer to life story about humans, dogs, their interactions, and the impact the furry creatures leave on our lives. They motivate us, they cherish us, love us, drive us crazy, make us laugh, make us cry, break our hearts, and somehow at the end of it all, become our best friend. The really long sentence really sums up everything you will learn for the first time or be reminded about again in Dog Days. This film won’t win any awards and will fade from the multiplexes before you finish this review, but this movie will stay with me for a long time. It’s cheesy, corny, stupid, and terrible, but brought me to tears over and over. Every story had meaning and played a major part in the movie as it progresses from one to another. The main theme here is how dogs bring humans together in ways they never imagined. Some may mock the message here or how the stories played out, but if you have a soft spot for animals you will probably love this movie as much as I did. It wasn’t a masterpiece, even though it never had to be. Life is always going to be a mess, but there is one thing for certain, that if you have a dog, they will be right by your side through it all. 7/10

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