The Meg (2018)

There has been a whole lot of blockbuster kind of movies during the summer of 2018. Whether you have seen them all or none at all, my advice is you such watch The Meg on the big screen. This wacky film about a giant shark is a true summer blockbuster. It is the type of movie that will entertain you from start to finish, while you munch on a whole bag of popcorn and gulp down a large pop. Even if you don’t love sharks or you’re the type of person who doesn’t leave the house during Shark Week, The Meg will make you laugh and give you goosebumps at the same time.

I never found Jaws to be scary. The Meg isn’t scary because Jason Statham is there for the sarcastic comic relief. This guy has done it all and I swear he is just trying to keep up with Dwayne Johnson in this one. Whether he is swimming with the sharks or fist fighting The Meg, Statham is really the greatest guy for this role. The story is so over the top that it is impossible for this shark to ever be alive again. Yet here we are in 2018 and The Meg is here to help with our population control problems.

Statham meanwhile is here to save the day like every movie he’s ever been in. Some people may say this film could have been a Netflix release (like most of his straight to DVD roles these days), but I say The Meg needed the big screen treatment. We needed to see people make one stupid decision after another to egg the shark on and ultimately take their life afterward.

You could say this movie is dumb and predictable. I will agree with that, but that was the whole point. Don’t go into this movie expecting a serious situation with a serious outcome. This movie is pure entertainment. It was made to amuse us while introducing a whole new generation to ancient shark tales. My advice is to go see The Meg and be entertained. There are not a whole lot of movies like this out there these days and that is the whole point of going to the movies. So relax, don’t forget your floating device, and watch out giant sharks. 8/10

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