Slender Man (2018)

People thought I was kidding when I said there was no way that the Slender Man would be as bad as The Bye Bye Man. Well, let me take a moment to insert my foot into my mouth because Slender Man was a joke. What a waste of so many things, including my SCENE points, my time, someone’s imagination, people’s acting abilities, and the people who promoted this movie.

There is absolutely no point to this story. I even came home and tried to do a Google search on the legend of the Slender Man. There is nothing and this is all a piece of fiction. Thankfully, because this faceless guy was a complete rip off Bughuul from the Sinister franchise. Both would be creepy people appear in photos before they abduct kids. One scared the living daylights out of me and one made me wish I have spent my afternoon doing something else productive with my life.

The acting is terrible and that’s a shame considering two of the leading girls have already had better roles in various other movies. I honestly think I could have come up with a better legend and plot that could have been more successful than this Slender Man movie. Ultimately this movie should have just come out on Netflix, where it would have spent its entire public life getting skipped over until Halloween rolls around and someone is dared to watch it.

A rip off of a handful of other more successful horror movies like The Ring and Sinister, do yourself a favor and don’t waste any money on this movie. When people refuse to watch trash, they will stop making it (we hope). 1/10

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