The Waterboy (1998)

It is safe to say there are two kinds of people in the world, those who love Adam Sandler and those who hate him. Those who are stuck in the middle like some of his work and can’t stand the other half. I’m in that group because of some of his roles like Bobby Boucher in The Waterboy are priceless. I think that in the late 1990’s is when Sandler peaked as the king of wacky comedy movies. The Waterboy serves as an example of masterful he can be with an accent and a script that makes little to no sense.

The Waterboy also serves as another example of Sandler casting a whole group of friends that have been in countless movies with him. If you have never seen The Waterboy, you may never think of water or Gatorade the same way again. This silly little man loves water and football so much but thanks to a strict mother (Kathy Bates) he’s not allowed to play. No one ever thought much of the water boy until he tackles someone at practice and a legend is born.

The stunts are over the top, but that’s the whole point of the movie. No one is supposed to have the power that Boucher does, let alone it is a skinny waterboy. Teasing and hazing get taken to a whole new level here as the awkward new guy is just doing his best to help the team. There are plenty of laughs throughout the whole movie, although compared to Sandler’s other football movie The Longest Yard, they are really night and day comparisons. I’d say The Waterboy is a goofy satire of the world of college football while serving a mockery of stupid is as stupid does.

If you like cheesy late 90’s comedies then The Waterboy may be for you. If you don’t Sandler in any role, I’d advise you stay away then because he may annoy you. This film wouldn’t be in my Top 10 favourite football movies, but definitely in the Top 25. 6/10


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