Searching (2018)

It is truly amazing to see how much we as humans rely on technology, whether it is a cell phone, computer, social media, the internet, or Google, it is all around us. You would also think in 2018 that parents would know everything about this kids, but Searching teaches us that with the ability to create online personalities, there are totally different sides to the kids’ parents may never see.

That is really John Cho’s biggest problem here. He lives his life from one webcam to another, barely sharing face to face communication with his daughter or people at work. Instead of forming bonds with those close, he uses Facetime or photos to have simple discussions about taking out the trash. Now, for all his reliance on technology, photos, Google maps, and social media are the tools he needs to find his missing daughter. These are the wonders and pitfalls of the internet and social media. People need to feel connected in order to think their life means value, and you can see that on full display here.

Some of you may have heard of the “dark web” and think some really bad stuff is out there, but most of you would fail to realize the bad stuff is right in front of your face. Talking to strangers through IM or posting videos of everything you do so random people can learn everything about you. These are all small targets people can go after to either stalk you, kidnap you, steal your identity, or to even kill you. People, especially teenagers think that sharing every moment every day makes them popular, sadly you are more likely to become a victim than the prom king or queen.

Searching has more twists and turns than the world’s greatest rollercoaster, which makes sitting through 1:42 of webcam filming worth your time. Looking back at the movie after the shocking twist at the end, you can see the breadcrumbs littered throughout the entire story. If you have a keen eye, you’ll see them and wonder what it means like I did, or maybe you’ll solve the mystery before the cops do. Either way, trust me when I say you will be surprised with the way things turn out. 8/10

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