The Little Stranger (2018)

I often feel bad when I trash a movie, mostly because the people behind the film put a lot of effort into getting the story told on the little or big screen. However, when I watch something that I can’t stand, I have to voice my displeasure, no matter whose attached to the project or not. Domhnall Gleeson has been in Star Wars and Peter Rabbit, which means this guy is willing to do everything to make a buck, including The Little Stranger. He is the movie’s biggest star because if I mention Ruth Wilson, you may just look at me and say “who?”. These two try their best, despite having little to no chemistry, to carry a rather boring and uneventful story from start to finish.

The Little Stranger was the third movie I saw that afternoon I caught this show and it was by far the worse. Gleeson’s character is a doctor who happens to stumble across a spooky house with some weird things going on. This is not a horror movie, neither is it scary. It is just a story about a very disturbed guy who tries to trick a woman to fall in love with him, all the while his interior motives are to take control of the house she lives in.

On IMDb right now there are 29 user reviews for the film, with 15 of them coming in at five stars or less. Some point out this film is based on a book and that the film doesn’t actually do the story justice. I know I will never pick up that book because the film was rather dull and boring. I honestly don’t know what else to say because I didn’t find many bright spots in the story, acting, or setting. If you don’t think this movie will peak your interest, you may actually be right and should seek other entertainment. If you don’t believe me, look at the other version of the film’s poster and tell me what you think it represents. 1/10

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