Wildcats (1986)

If you watched movies or listened to music in 1995, you are probably aware of a movie called Dangerous Minds and the hit song Gangsta’s Paradise. While I was watching Wildcats, starring Goldie Hawn, I felt I was watching something very similar but completely different. Goldie has loved football her whole life and accepts a coaching job in the absolute part of town. People laugh and think that this move will break her when it only makes her stronger. The cocky players in the ghetto refuse to welcome her until they realize the courage she has to succeed.

In case you don’t recognize them, on the football team is Woody Harrelson (making his big screen debut) and Wesley Snipes. The other coach who attempts to belittle her is played by Bruce McGill. A pretty solid cast for a movie about a bunch of misfits coached by a girl. Not only is her job and coaching cheer causing her to lose her mind, she’s in the middle of a nasty divorce where her husband is trying to take their daughters away.

You would think from what I told you that this story is a complete mess and would never come together. The story never pulled at my heartstrings or got me heavily invested in the outcome of any of the minor storylines, I was interested to see how everything played out. I would never recommend Wildcats to anyone interested in football, because the game serves as a backdrop for which the major parts of the story revolves around. Some would say that football emulates life and vice versa which pretty much sums up this movie. Just don’t expect this to be a hard knocks action movie, but rather a story about an adult finding her way to happiness. 3/10

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