Everybody’s All-American (1988)

There have been hundreds of movies based on the struggles that come with being a superstar, whether it is in sports or Hollywood. Everybody’s All-American showcases the life of a man who had it all and struggled when he nothing. Dennis Quaid stars in yet another football movie that glorifies the importance of success and how it messes with your mind, making you lose focus on the more important things in life.

Somewhere in the story about fame and fortune is a love story, a story about two people madly in love and then hardly in love. How the pressures of stardom can break apart even the strongest bonds. I really wasn’t into the movie, despite a fun performance from John Goodman, but then at the end when these two finally have a moment of realization and that won me over. I still didn’t think this was a great movie, it just ended on a good note, it felt real and authentic.

People always wish they could be famous and rich, yet never take the time to realize the pressures that come with those wishes. We take a lot of those people for granted and Everybody’s All-American shows you the darker side of fame. The stuff you don’t see when you’re stalking them for autographs. There are bills, commitments, bad relationships, ruined friendships, and the fall from grace. I have never heard of this movie until I stumbled across the list of football movies I should watch. So far I have seen some good ones and some bad ones, with this one falling right in the middle. 5/10

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