23 Blast (2014)

Powerful, emotional, heart breaking, inspiring, and motivational are all words I would use to describe 23 Blast, one of the world’s most unknown football movies. I tried not to cry the entire movie and finally lost it at the end. Whether they dramatized the final game or not, I really don’t care, this film moved me. I did some research and read the negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, where this movie has a 38%…really? Come on! The movie may have flaws, but even the highest rated football movie (Brian’s Song 92%) has flaws. This story is worth knowing and witnessing because it will tug at your heart-strings.

In case you have read this far and wonder what on earth I am talking about, here’s the story of Travis Freeman (Mark Hapka). A stand out high school football player who lived in Kentucky. Travis had a chance to go to college as an athlete until headaches turned into an infection and he lost his eye sight. He’ll never be a star again, let alone catch a football. Getting out of the house became a struggle and we get witness how something as small as being at the football field and listening to the action changed his life and his fellow teammates who struggled in his absence.

I honestly don’t think I could hype up this movie enough to make you go out and watch it. After all my taste in movies is quiet unique and not like many of you out there. You’ve probably never heard of 23 Blast and would probably scroll right by if you found it somewhere. I am thankful that I stumbled across this one. 8/10

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