2 thoughts on “Best & Worse 2018

  1. Some good (and bad) stuff there. I noticed several highly scored movies ended up on my Top 10 list. Really glad to see such love for Sicario 2.

    1. Sicario is hands down my favourite of the year and Paddington. Who doesn’t have a soft spot for bears? I actually asked got Sicario 2 for Christmas, my collection is complete. I just hope they follow through the cliffhanger from the ending. I read this is supposed to be a trilogy, so fingers crossed. Also, I agree, I watched some terrible movies in 2018. We decided in the later part of the year to be more selective in what we watch. The cut back on movie trips really hit me hard and my blog suffered from no new posts. Here’s to good and bad movies of 2019 and better writing habits!

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