Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

Mary Poppins returned to theatres and our homes in late 2018 as one of the greatest Christmas gifts we never asked for. The original Mary Poppins is hailed as one of Disney’s greatest movies, despite the much-talked backstory of how Walt obtained the story.

Emily Blunt was probably the only choice to reprise the role of Mary Poppins at this time. There is nothing she can’t do and enjoying popularity most actresses could only dream of. She delivered from start to finish with her signing, facial expressions, and classic Poppins characteristics. The reason I talk up Blunt’s performance is that she is the only reason to watch the movie. Everything else was bad and will leave you questioning whether this film needed to be made at all.

Lin-Manuel Miranda starts the film with a song and this guy can’t sing. If that was the grand opening, I knew it was downhill from there and it was a nose dive to the end credits. Despite the golden opportunity to launch new songs and alter Mary Poppins for a whole new generation of fans, the songs and performances were bad. I only liked one song in the entire movie because nothing is catchy and there will nothing to leave a long-lasting impression on people who paid to see it.

You would think good guy Colin Firth would save this angle of the story, but this movie was really poorly written nothing made this movie stand out from the original. You may ask why I am comparing the two films so much, it’s because they are carbon copies of each other. If you didn’t rush out to see it yet, save your money and wait for Netflix. 3/10

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