Halloween (2018)

Halloween is one of my favourite franchises of all-time. This review may be biased, which will leave many of you to either agree or disagree with me.

This latest chapter in the never-ending Myers family drama was not needed. It cut out all nine movies in order to continue the original story of the “babysitter killer” from 1978. Newcomers will not realize that Laurie Strode (Jaime Lee Curtis) is actually Michael Myer’s sister, but that doesn’t play a role in this storyline what so ever. They cut the character back so much that it is just a creepy masked guy who hunts a girl for no reason what so ever.

Sadly that particular angle of the story ran it’s course a long time ago and didn’t do itself any favours here. In 2018 people have come to expect blood and guts thrown onto their laps, but Halloween 2018 scaled back all that for “good old fashion” scares. Let me tell you, this movie was far from scary. It is actually disappointing how not scary this movie was. Anyone watching this movie can see how the story will unfold, where it will happen, and who will be victorious. Yes, there are a few surprises here and there, some good people die while other good people will turn bad.

This wasn’t supposed to be a remake or a re-imagine project, yet it followed the original plot pretty closely. The claims of getting the franchise back to its roots really destroyed all the good storylines in other films. Ana seemed to enjoy this movie and the way it played out. I, on the other hand, wasn’t the biggest fan of this film. I won’t even blame the hype I built up in my head because this movie just didn’t live up to the billing. 6/10

2 thoughts on “Halloween (2018)

    1. This movie did nothing for the franchise except kil… wait…..nvm…. let Michael live for another not necessary sequel. Halloween is one of my all-time favourites, and I once thought of a franchise ending sequel that could tie every single loose end in the franchise, but I don’t think anyone would listen to me because Michael still makes money. Our great grandkids will see the new Halloween movie in 2079 and Michael will still be alive killing. Sigh.

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