Widows (2018)

Director Steve McQueen came on before the movie to thank us (the audience) in advance for watching his “passion project” Widows. I appreciated the gesture, but if this was his passion project, it really needed some work. There was just so much wrong with this film. The runtime was simply dragged out because this had to be the most complicated yet simple heist plot I’ve ever known. When the heist actually happened, you can’t blink because you’ll miss it. As for the ending, what a whole lot of build up for nothing. This was far from an epic heist, and when the credits finally rolled I was left with an empty feeling despite eating a bag of popcorn washed down with some pop.

The only aspect I really liked about the story was the political angles, which featured Colin Farrell, Robert Duval, and Brian Tyree Henry. You sit there the entire movie wondering how their story will intersect with the Widows, then boom, it comes full circle and it leaves you stunned but please with the shocking turn of events.

As far as the leads go, Viola Davis knows how to get away with murder and is at her best here as someone out for revenge. Elizabeth Debicki’s character is dumb for staying with an abusive husband but amazingly has all the smarts out of the trio. Michelle Rodriguez meanwhile just does what she does best. Never really the star in any film she’s been in, she is always the supporting star who carries her fair share of the story load. Her ability to portray any kind of character and get you emotionally invested in her problems. Meanwhile, if you’ve seen the film, can anyone out there explain her awkward kissing scene with a widowed husband? While we are asking questions, can someone please ask Liam Neeson, why he was in this film? Why did he have to turn to the dark side? It was such a disappointment to see how his story played out. He’s a better person than this and we deserved better from such a fine actor. 5/10

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