The Mule (2018)

After 64 years of gracing the world with his acting abilities, you would think that Clint Eastwood would have run out roles to play. Then at the age of 89 this mastermind of cinema returns for another amazing performance as an old man who delivers millions of dollars in drugs for the cartel.

If you surveyed other 89-year-old actors still in the business you will not find another guy capable of pulling off this role any better than Eastwood. Uneducated in a modern world where texting and Google maps is a vital part of the underworld, his old school mentality of not caring is the exact opposite of what the cartel would want in their mules.

You would think this movie would be an action-packed drama when it is heartwarming, funny, and deeply personal. There are no high-speed chases, yet you spend the whole movie pining of a rundown between Eastwood’s character and the DEA agent played by Bradley Cooper. Fate will bring these two together to share a moment that really sums up why they do what they do.

Earl Stone (Eastwood) only cares about himself and destroyed his family life. This crazy opportunity allows him one more kick at the can, a golden opportunity to repay old debts and fix all the holes in his life. You’ll be amazed that this film is based on a true story, which may or may not has been dramatized for film purposes.

I want to tell you that there is a happy ending here, but the story is about the DEA chasing drug smugglers. You may have scoffed at this film and Eastwood at this point of his career. Let me tell you here that The Mule is a movie you shouldn’t skip and that it will be worth your time. You never know how bad your retirement goes, you might have to write down the tools of the trade for a future as a driver. 8/10

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