Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Ralph Breaks the Internet was the sequel everyone wanted except for me. It is so hard to pinpoint exactly what I didn’t like about Wreck it Ralph, I just hated it. We waited several weeks to go by, to avoid the masses of kids, to watch this movie. She was excited for the Disney Princesses and I was excited to bash this film.

I laughed, not because the story was good or these are lovable characters, I laughed a lot because of the ability of Disney to mock the internet. Animators were able to provide the human world with a glimpse of what the inside of the internet may look like. It didn’t hold back on the mockery either. It poked fun at what humans do most by watching useless videos, clicking on spam ads, playing online video games, and forcing social trends by clicking “like” buttons. If this film achieved anything, it is that when aliens invade, they only have to watch this film to fully understand how to control humans.

What lost me completely was the virus monster. This had to be the dumbest thing Disney has ever done on film. I should have got up and walked out on the film at that moment, but the Disney Princesses still had another impactful appearance. People think this was an amazing film about friendship and fun times. I felt it was a lame attempt to get me invested in two friends who have their own problems and force their friendship at every turn. It’s funny to think these two are very vital parts of their video games, but it appears to be okay for them to be gone for so long or never come back. What about those games and those characters? The story may continue from the first one but doesn’t really close the circle at the end. I think they knew this film wouldn’t be good, so they dragged out the Princesses and created new flashy characters to leave a bigger mess of the overall story arc than at the beginning.

Friendships aside, I just can’t like these guys or their really pointless story. 2/10

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