The Upside (2017)

The Upside works for one reason and one reason only; the chemistry between Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston. Some say this story is a different version of The Intouchables, I can’t really compare the two because I have never seen the latter. I took this film for what it was, a buddy comedy between two complete strangers who become best friends.

The biggest plus for me is Kevin Hart did not yell and scream all his lines like he does in most of his comedies. Yes, he still gets overzealous in some scenes but given the situation his animated actions were warranted. It is pretty comical when a man who can barely take care of himself or his family has to change the catheter of the man who is employing him.

Bryan Cranston plays a multi-millionaire who had everything and then nothing. It’s hard to imagine a life where you can’t move, but that’s the position he finds himself in. What I thought was impressive is how he managed to act out his character with little to no body movements. I have to wonder how many outtakes there were when he either laughed too hard and moved or the times he just happened to fall out of his chair.

There are many positives to take from the overall story, especially to see Hart’s character actually change for the better. Not everyone gets a second chance and those who are really good inside can make the most of it and succeed. Not many people go through everything Cranston’s character has and has the courage to continue on.

At first glance, you would think these two are a complete mismatch, that their acting styles wouldn’t mix. You would be 100% right because I didn’t even believe it myself. They got a decent funny story to play with here, so their styles allow them to be themselves and form the unlikeliest friendships. 6/10 

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