On the Basis of Sex (2018)

On the Basis of Sex was one of those movies I was interested in based on the talent in the cast and not the subject material. I finally caught this film last night and I left the theatre all choked up. Wow, what an amazing movie. I thought the story was riveting, groundbreaking, and so thought out. It drew me in and my attention never wavered. 

Neither Felicity Jones or Armie Hammer will ever be remembered for these performances, but the characters they played, Ruth Ginsberg and Martin Ginsberg, will be remembered in textbooks and law schools across the United States. I knew nothing about Ruth and her rise to fame, so On the Basis of Sex introduced me to an extraordinary woman who never backed down and achieved so much for generations to come. This film focuses on her first major breakthrough, so don’t expect a complete life biography here. Instead, it showed you the struggles and triumphs of her first major case and the barriers she had to break while fighting to break barriers for her clients.

The performances and subject material pulled at my heartstrings like few movies have. I didn’t want this film to end, I was that engaged in it. Sure you can say the story played out like every other happy story ever, but I never felt like this was a slam dunk case and Sam Waterston was brilliant as the bad guy who thought woman deserved to be in the kitchen and not law school. 

Some of you probably hated this movie, some of you even loved it more than me. I laughed a lot, not because of the stereotype jokes, but because everything was thoroughly acted out that whenever someone said something off the cuff, it just fit perfectly into what the story was trying to achieve. 

People will think I’m crazy, but I am fine with going out on the ledge with my rating. On the Basis of Sex is going to be one of the top five movies in see in 2019. 9/10

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