Destroyer (2019)

I’ve got only one pun and I’m going to use it right off the bat… I am going to destroy this movie with this review.

Destroyer is getting praised left, right, and center. I want to know what kind of drugs these people are one because it could be destroying their careers and lives. Seriously though, what is there to like about this movie? Nicole Kidman’s make up? She looked more like a hobo than a police detective, let along a former bank robber who was deep undercover that she stole money, watched the love of her life die, and still stayed on the police force. People talk about cops being bad people, she is the poster child of so many bad things.

Don’t be fooled by the trailer. This is by no means an action movie. It is a snail pace melodrama about a woman who can’t even get along with her family, let alone with herself. There’s one major action scene (the bank robbery) and to add insult to injury they played the whole sequence in slow motion. Honestly, I didn’t think they could go any slower and then they did.

There are two plot twists, one you can smell burning in the background the whole time and one I didn’t see until the story came full circle at the end. Other then those little surprises, this was just another movie about a dirty cop trying to cover their tracks and save face while falling apart on the inside. Anyone could have played this role, it was nothing special, and it didn’t require any over the top acting skills. We’ve watched drunk cops battle thugs and their personal demons before, so once again I didn’t see anything that made this film so special and/or stick out from the rest.

Like I always say whenever I watch a movie where the lead character is an alcoholic …where is Woody Harrellson when we need him? If he was the star of Destroyer, it would have been so much easier to sit through. 1/10

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